When you’re in need of a junk removal team in New Jersey, Barten Bros is the place to call! We’ve written in the past about some of the things that you could be doing with your space instead of using it to contain stuff that you don’t want anymore, but in today’s post, we’d like to take it one step further. We’ll highlight a common use that people find for their basements–a small workshop–and show you how we can help.

When it comes to finding a junk removal service, look no further than Barten Bros! There is nothing we love more than helping people to take back their space and utilize it in the way that works best for them. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to make the most of your basement space and build out a workshop.

Step One: Haul Away Junk

People tend to hang onto things that they no longer want or need. It just happens! Basements all across the country are filled with things that people will never use again. Regardless of the reason that this happens, the fact of the matter is that it does and that there’s always a way to fix things.

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Step Two: Come Up With a Plan

Having a space to do work in your home is something of a necessity these days. Perhaps you need a spot to tinker with the leaf blower. Maybe you’d like to build yourself a woodshop and start making custom furniture. However you’ll use your workshop, now is the time to start planning. Consider where your tools will go, where you’ll position your workbench, and how much light you’ll need to get it all done.

Once you’re all set, start moving your things in so that you can…

Step Three: Put Your Workshop to Good Use

This is the best step of them all. Once you’re all settled in, you can start getting the most out of your new space by spending time in it. Break out your bandsaw and start making a few wooden boxes to give as gifts. (You know, because Christmas is right around the corner!) Tune up your tablesaw to prepare for the outdoor renovation you’re looking to undertake this spring. Make sure your miter saw cuts square so that you can install new baseboards and refresh your home.

Or get started on a few projects right away because now that you have the space, you can use it however you please. It doesn’t get much better than that!

We’re Here to Help

Whether your goal is to build a workshop in your home or to simply clear things out to make room for something else, you can count on our crew to provide you with the help you need. We’re the junk removal experts in Point Pleasant, so reach out today to get an estimate!