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Many people have junk closets where they store unused items that they want to keep but aren’t using at the moment. These junk closets can go untouched for years without you even remembering what is in them — that is, until one day you decide to go through your junk closet. As you are shifting through the items that you vaguely remember, you wonder if any of them are worth any money.

Barton Bros Junk & Clean Up in Point Pleasant offers junk removal services in the Point Pleasant area. We offer appliance removal, hot tub removal, hoarding cleanup services, and other junk hauling services. Below, we’ll go over some quick tips on how to tell if your junk is antique. Contact us today to learn more!



No one really wants to hang a painting that is damaged and frayed in their home, even if it’s by a great artist. It just looks tacky and does not complement the home. Thus, it’s important to determine the condition of your item to determine if it may be worth any money or not. Hopefully, you’ve stored your item in a closet of some sort that is away from water, dust, temperature fluctuations, and the like. Barton Bros notes that this is the best way to preserve its condition.

Toys, Cards, Stamps & More

What typically makes an item antique is time. The older something is, the more it is usually worth. Thus, if you just started investing in some baseball cards and are thinking about selling them, they probably won’t be worth a lot of money. However, if you have a baseball card of a famous player from 75 years ago, now that’s worth money. The other factor is condition. Your baseball card from 75 years ago will be worth much more if it’s in good condition. This is why Barton Bros in Point Pleasant recommends that when you store items, you research the best way to store them and invest the extra time and effort in doing so. This will yield the most value for your collectibles.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals. Most sterling silver is marked from the country of origin. It’s stronger than pure silver since pure silver itself is very soft and doesn’t last very long. This is the reason jewelry and cutlery are most commonly made from silver.

The value of silver varies greatly, which is why if you find anything in your junk closet made of sterling silver, you need to investigate the price before you get rid of it. Because sterling silver does have such a high silver content, if the price of silver is high, Barton Brothers of Point Pleasant notes that your silver could be worth a lot.


When you have sifted through your junk closet, give our junk removal company a call to haul away your junk. We can remove your appliances, hot tubs, computers, and more. We’re here to help you make your life simpler by removing the junk from your home. Call Barton Bros Junk & Clean Up in Point Pleasant today!