1. Spring Cleaning Made Easy

    Spring Cleaning Made Easy

    Slowly but surely, temperatures are starting to climb and the sun is starting to stay out just little bit longer each day. Sure enough, spring is in full swing! That means that people all across the United States are starting to embrace this wonderfu…Read More

  2. Cleanup Ideas The Kitchen

    Cleanup Ideas: The Kitchen

    At Barten Bros, we believe that the kitchen is one of the most underrated rooms in the house. Living rooms and bedrooms seem to get all of the attention because we use those rooms for sleep and relaxation. Our opinion, however, is that the kitchen is…Read More

  3. Cleanup Ideas: The Backyard

    So you’ve found yourself with a backyard that’s full of stuff that you just don’t want to be there anymore. It can happen to the best of us! Regardless of the reason for the predicament that you’ve found yourself in, there is some good news--…Read More

  4. Cleanup Ideas: The Basement Living Room

    If you have an unfinished basement in your home, chances are that you are using it for storage. You’re in good company as well because millions of Americans choose to store their extra belongings in an unfinished garage rather than pay for the use …Read More

  5. 3 Things to Expect From Our Junk Removal Service

    At Barten Bros, we take our junk removal service seriously. That’s not to say that we don’t like having a bit of fun from time to time. Instead, we take great pride in helping the good people of Point Pleasant and the surrounding area to clean up…Read More

  6. Cleanup Ideas: The Storage Shed

    If you’ve been following along with our blogs recently, you may have noticed that our team of junk removal experts has been compiling a list of ideas for places that need cleaned out. So far, we’ve discussed the benefits of clearing out your gara…Read More

  7. Cleanup Ideas: Your Garage

    With low temperatures out in full force lately, more and more people in Point Pleasant are enlisting our junk removal services. It is, after all, the perfect time to utilize your garage to store your car and get it out of the harsh weather. If you’…Read More

  8. Cleanup Ideas: The Spare Bedroom

    Is a simple mattress removal the thing that’s holding you back from making your space a better place to live? Or do you need to enlist our full junk removal services to help take back a room in your home? Regardless of the situation, the team at Ba…Read More

  9. Cleanup Ideas: The Basement Workshop

    When you’re in need of a junk removal team in New Jersey, Barten Bros is the place to call! We’ve written in the past about some of the things that you could be doing with your space instead of using it to contain stuff that you don’t want anym…Read More

  10. Clean Home, Clutter-Free Mind

    Minimalism seems to be making a bit of a comeback these days. All it takes is a quick look at Apartment Therapy or the home decorating magazines you see at the grocery store. In many cases, the idea behind a minimal home actually makes quite a bit of…Read More