Barten Bros aims to be your go-to for junk removal in NJ because, let’s face it, accumulating junk is much easier than people think. Sometimes you don’t realize how bad it’s gotten until you see someone in a situation similar to yours. Take a look at our before and after photos and it’s easy to see what a difference we can make! If your space is looking a little more like the before photos and nothing like the after photos, Barten Bros is the New Jersey junk removal service to call.

How do you know if it’s time to enlist the help of the New Jersey junk removal pros?

  • Why use Barten Bros for junk removal in New Jersey?If you enjoy the luxury of a two car garage, but your cars are parked on the street because your garage is full of other stuff, it’s time to call Barten Bros.
  • If you have a window looking out on your backyard, but you keep the blinds drawn because you can’t stand the sight of what’s back there, get in touch with us.
  • If you’re afraid to have house guests because your spare bedroom is full of stuff you can’t (or won’t!) throw away, we can help.

At Barten Bros, our goal is to help you get rid of the junk that you don’t want. Whether that means you need mattress removal, junk car removal, or just need someone to haul away junk that’s sitting around, we can help. We’re the New Jersey junk removal professionals after all! We’re conveniently located in Point Pleasant, NJ, but we serve a number of areas. If you need junk removal in NJ, contact us today for free information and ask about our first time offers for new clients!

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