1. Want to Transform Your Home? We Can Help.

    If you’re a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper (or any of the similar shows out there), you’re probably inspired by the transformation that many of those homes undergo. After all, it’s truly an incredible thing to take a space that’s a bit of a disa…Read More

  2. Why New Homeowners Should Consider Hiring a Demolition Company

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  3. 3 Haul Away Services You Didn’t Know We Offered

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  4. We’re Your Go-To New Jersey Demolition Company

    You already know that Barten Bros Junk and Clean Up is the best at junk removal, but did you know that we’re also one of the best demolition companies in New Jersey? Regardless of your needs, we’ll work hard to make sure that the job gets done qu…Read More

  5. No Job is Too Small for Our Demolition Company

    Did you know that in addition to junk removal and clean up, Barten Bros is a demolition company as well? It’s likely that you don’t need a huge demolition company to come in and take care of what is actually a fairly small situation. That’s why…Read More